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April Sickle Cell Warriors International Day of Prayer & Meditation for Sickle Cell Disease

Share this with everyone. Get your community involved. It’s fairly easy to join us.

1. Pick a time using the Doodle invitation here:

2. Tell your friends, family, and community to join you.

3. At the allotted hour (either on the 00, 15, 30, or 45-minute mark), begin your prayer and/meditation.

4. Take a picture either before or after your meditation/prayer, and share with the other warriors on Facebook #SickleCellWarriors or on Twitter The official hashtag for this event is #SickleCell or #SickleCell50. Let’s see if we can finally get sickle cell to trend both on FB and Twitter.


My Friend Has Sickle Cell Disease. How Can I Help?

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My Friend Has Sickle Cell Disease. How Can I Help?.


Most teens with sickle cell disease have to pay extra attention to diet, take vitamins (especially folic acid), exercise, get enough rest, and stay hydrated by drinking enough water. They need to watch how their bodies respond to infections like a cold. Some people take antibiotics to help fight off bacteria.

People with sickle cell disease may have to limit some activities, especially certain sports. They need to avoid extreme temperatures, like severe cold, which can bring on a pain crisis.

Teen with sickle cell to be named honorary Bulls’ captain – Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News.

941 Sickle Cell Unite Support Group is on FaceBook


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Washington, DC 20515

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Hurry-Up, Hydrate: A Sickle Cell Game

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Did you know that there is currently NO TELEVISED INFORMATION ABOUT SICKLE CELL DISEASE? I am on a movement to change that but I can’t do it alone! Please, SHARE this video to support the fight against the silence of Sickle Cell Anemia.. This disease is invisible enough as it is. Not talking about it, doesn’t make it go away! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.. Thank you xoxo


My daughter a Sickle Cell SS type Warrior…. turned/made 13 on Monday! She is doing so well. She hasn’t had a blood transfusion 3 years, no hospital stays in 2 years… she had a pain crisis recently, but it didn’t last long, she just started taking Hydroxyurea recently in hopes to boost to her energy. She is into photography and TV/film editing. She excels in school and has been nominated for the principals award!!!!!