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Sickle Cell Support Group

Posted: April 11, 2015 by sicklecellunite in Children, Events, Sickle Cell, Support Group
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This is done and all the promoting for it is over. However, I just want to celebrate that we met the signature goal and then some. I didn’t post here because I was so busy posting on other social networks and this one slipped my mind. However, I say keep signing and sharing anyway, let them know sickle cell is important!!

Image  Warriors with Sickle Cell are often fatigue, mostly due to low normal red blood cells/anemia.

Difference between fatigue and tiredness

Everyone feels *tired*, at the end of the day, as a result of 12-14 waking hours spent in physical and mental work plus emotional interactions. This kind of tiredness is relieved by rest or a good night’s sleep. Fatigue on the other hand is a type of chronic tiredness that is not so easily addressed.

Fatigue is a feeling of low physical and/or mental energy and motivation, at times accompanied by sleepiness, such that the patient finds it difficult to perform daily activities.

Fatigue, as compared to routine tiredness, lasts for a longer duration and does not reduce by physical and mental rest alone.

Common symptoms of fatigue are weakness, low energy, constant tiredness, absence of motivation, struggle to concentrate and inability to start or complete any task.

Sickle Cell warriors aren’t lazy, they are fatigued